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Escape From Tarkov’s gun & gameplay is considered by many to be extremely realistic. A weapons expert now reveals how realistic it really is – he’s surprised.

This can be seen: In a video, on the Gamespot YouTube-Channel, weapons expert Jonathan Ferguson addresses the topic of Escape From Tarkov. Here he looks at some gameplay scenes and makes a quick judgment. As he has to admit, he is quite surprised!

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How realistic are the weapons in Escape From Tarkov?

This is what the expert says about the gun play: The video starts, the interviewee greets the audience. Then it starts and the first thing to see is the model of a Makarov pistol. At first, the weapons expert praises the presentation, but then he has to smile.

“A drum magazine for the Makarov? That doesn’t exist,” he says with conviction. When he sees the weapon in action, however, he is shocked at how accurately the theoretical impact of a drum magazine on the Makarov is presented. The gun moves across the screen, just like it would be in real life – just in front of your eyes.


The muzzle flash is also shown correctly. In many shooters, it arises with every bullet fired. In Escape From Tarkov, on the other hand, the developers paid close attention. Not every bullet ignites the exhaust gases, some shots just leave a trail of smoke, just like it would in the real world.

The comparison to other games doesn’t stop there. In Tarkov, you can’t just fire when space is limited. Your weapon will be pushed away and only when there is enough space you can shoot straight ahead again. It is a pity that this gimmick is not available in all games.

Lastly, the weapons expert praises the fact that shotguns are displayed fairly accurately. In the real world, buckshot (cluster munitions) is also used at distances of 30 to 45 meters. In video games, shotguns are usually only accurate to a few meters and do next to no damage at greater distances. Luckily Escape From Tarkov opted for the former, realistic variant.


This is not realistic

Not all weapons are correct: The AK 101 gets its fat away at this point. In the gameplay sequence in which it is used, the expert notices an important detail. The AK 101 has far too high a recoil.

The real model has a special cut-out muzzle brake that diverts the gases to the side. This keeps the weapon stable even during the adventure of continuous fire. In Escape From Tarkov, however, it sways extremely vertically, which is not correct.

The presentation of some magazines is also criticized. Even if checking ammunition looks quite real, the presentation of the bullets is often incorrect. The example here is the submachine gun 5 (MP5 for short). Your magazine is actually fed in a staggered manner in order to fit more bullets into less space. In the game, it is fed individually.


Is Escape From Tarkov Realistic Or Not?

Conclusion: According to the sought-after weapons expert Jonathan Ferguson, Tarkov is not realistic in all respects. The crux of the matter, however, is that the developers realistically reflect the unrealistic or really non-existent elements.

Tarkov turns unrealistic things into realistic ones, a masterpiece, as Ferguson finds.


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