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In a spontaneously organized meeting with the guys from Robot Gentleman, the Polish developers presented us 60 Parsecs! at Gamescom. If the title is familiar – no wonder as they are the masterminds behind 60 Seconds!

A flight through the Galaxy

Just like its predecessor 60 seconds! You need to collect items and people to survive in the future, in 60 seconds. However, 60 Parsecs! takes places in a completely different setting as it takes place in a spaceship. So, in the beginning, you walk around in a spaceship and try to collect as many important items, such as food, water, and a medkit. But, your character only has four slots available to carry and some items take up more space than others.

When the time is up, you need to jump after all your collected items into the capsule. Because, now the game really starts, or at least the survival part. In the rescuing capsule, you will then float through space confronted with daily dilemmas, which are quite humorous. The events can be positive or negative depending on your decisions. In addition, the choices depend on the crew, the abilities of your character and the items you managed to collect.

Hurry up!

60 parsecs! just another name?

So far, everything looks fine but also familiar, is there just a new name behind this new title? The game mechanics and processes we already know from the predecessor can do a lot more in 60 Parsecs!. Already at the beginning, we notice we can pick between two characters. This decision already influence your game as each character has its own abilities, desires, and goals.

The developers told us that later in the game it’s possible to unlock more characters. In addition, there are new mechanics. For example, the creating of items such as food or protective equipment. The ship can also be upgraded to achieve the distant goals or to make it more suitable for survival.  In any case, we look forward to seeing some of these new features.  

An explosive squad!

Old but Gold

However, all the old mechanics aren’t simply deleted as they are still used but they got reworked. Firstly, collecting items in the first 60 seconds have been reworked to make items more accessible and easier to collect, to help you with survival. The interface also has been optimized and visually adapted to the new setting. Now there is a clearer diary and the well-known looting has been extended by a few new things. As it’s now more clear where to plunder what resources and how long the character is traveling.

Certainly, a few more features have been adapted or polished before the release on September 18th. In addition, we will most likely see some more news about the game before it. When the game gets released we might provide you with some guides, to help you survive!


SOURCE60 Parsecs! at Gamescom 2018
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