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After the release of 60 seconds in 2015 the team Robot Gentleman are back with a sequel: 60 Parsecs. This time you will need to prepare for a trip to space and pray you picked the right supplies. Let’s see what we already know about the game.

Time to Hoard

In 60 seconds, you have 60 seconds to hoard as many supplies and items as possible, and don’t forget your family members, while throwing it in your shelter. After this you will need to survive as many days as possible while dealing with certain events. 60 Parsecs builds further on this, again you have 60 seconds to grab as many objects as possible but this time you will put them in a rocket ship and get shot into space.

60 Parsecs! In-game screenshot
Will they survive?

In Space  

While escaping nuclear devastation on earth, you embark on a journey into space to try to survive the horrors outside and inside of the rocket ship. It will be a fresh and mixed experience as the game will be based on the 1950 and ‘60s sci-fi culture with some mixture of Cold War and Space Race propaganda. In addition to some dark humour. Do you have what it takes to let your crew survive?

The gameplay mechanics of 60 Parsecs will be different then 60 seconds as well as a new feature will be added: the crafting system. In 2018 you will find the game on steam and the major consoles.


SOURCE60 Parsecs via Steam
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