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Frédérick Raynal, best known as the designer for the hit horror title Alone in the Dark, is back at it again with a brand new 2D survival horror game called 2Dark. A new trailer for the game was released a few days ago, providing spook fans everywhere with some sinister gameplay and a scary story to sink their fangs into.

Missing Children

You play as Mr. Smith, a former detective determined to save his kidnapped children in the quiet and foreboding town of Gloomywood. The deeper Mr Smith digs, the more he uncovers about the accursed town and its sadistic inhabitants. His children aren’t the only ones to disappear…

Alone, you must attempt to rescue child after child from the clutches of psychotic killers. Similar to the game Hotline Miami, you will have to sneak from room to room, using clever blocking mechanics and pathing patterns to avoid alerting the murderous residents. If caught, defend yourself with an array of interesting weapons and contraptions. Keep the kids alive, that’s your one goal.

2Dark will appear on March 10th 2017, for the PC on Steam as well as on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

SOURCE2Dark - Official
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